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Webinar: Why younger audiences are turning to six-second ads

By Colin Pye

Shorter really can be sweeter in the ad industry. Just ask the host of TV networks and social platforms betting big on these bite-sized, six-second ads right now.

That’s right, video advertising’s answer to the tweet is sweeping across Adland at the moment - and with good reason. They not only work for brands and publishers but also today’s time-poor consumers, particularly younger audiences. The average attention span of consumers has dwindled in recent years to just 8 seconds – shorter than a goldfish’s – with recent research carried out by Realeyes and the FreeWheel Council finding that digital natives are much more likely to engage with videos that are fewer than 10 seconds long.

Understanding how to maximise the use of short-form video content is vital for anyone who works in the media sector. So, to help, Realeyes and the FreeWheel Council are teaming up to present a webinar on how to make every second count in your video advertising campaigns.



(Recorded Monday, May 21)

by Colin Pye

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