Natalia Kuznetsova-Rice

Natalia Kuznetsova-Rice

Diet Coke enters the Super Bowl ad line up with new flavors and a...

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Prior to a top secret 30-sec commercial that will air during the game, the brand has released five teasers, featuring up-and-coming actors representing millennials. The...

Skittles and Stella Artois are first on the field at Super Bowl LII

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PRE-GAME TACTICS The buzz around upcoming Super Bowl LII commercials is heating up. Brands plan their Super Bowl appearance with military precision: some such as M&Ms...

What to expect from the Super Bowl 2018

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The biggest advertising festival in the US, otherwise known as the Super Bowl, is just around the corner. Brands will be spending $168 333 per second and allocating...

#MozTheMonster vs Paddington Bear

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  Most of the key UK retailers have released their Christmas ads and Realeyes has tested them all to name a winner - the most engaging ad with viewers.  

Picture Perfect - How Emotion Analytics is Ideal for Animatic Testing

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Before a video ever gets aired, it’s already been through countless reviews, processes, edits and so on. So the earlier you can establish the potential success of a...

What Can Emotion Analytics Do for Me? A Look at Creative Testing


With video projected to account for 79% of all internet traffic by 2020, brands are looking for the best tools to create high-performing content confidently. 

Emotional Intelligence test. It's a Masterpass!

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An emotionally intelligent video has Three Success Factors:

KFC's whole chicken: bon appetit?

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It seems like the season of controversial ads continues. A new one came from a multinational restaurant chain, KFC. 

How Emotions Affect Memory

90% of human behavior is driven by emotions. When it comes to emotions created by video content, we’ve learned that high engagement is associated with an increase in ...