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Mars Leads the Way on CPG Measurement

Pre-testing, the online surveys and polls that ask people their impressions of ads, rarely tell the whole story and often can tell the wrong story.

Monitoring and analyzing viewers’ facial expressions while viewing the ad is the best way to truly understand attention, retention, and emotional response.  RetailDive wrote about Mars' impressive Agile Creative Expertise (ACE) tool, which uses creative attention to optimize for predictable sales outcomes. Mars is on track to analyze 1,000 pieces of content by the end of the year.

We are excited to be a part of this important journey with Mars as it revolutionizes how CPGs companies measure creative.

As Sorin Patilinet, global insights director at Mars, told RetailDive: “We have data to prove that the correlation between those kinds of studies, which are declarative studies, and the in-market performance of that ad is not that good."

Well said.