AI-Powered Insights On How to Create The Perfect Christmas Ad

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The John Lewis ad is almost here – and with it the official start of the Christmas period. Sure, it’s less than two months till Jesus’ birthday, but they do say it...

“The Long Wait” Is The Most Effective John Lewis Christmas Ad

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Tear-inducing 2011 campaign at top of UK retail store’s Xmas tree, according to Realeyes’ face-reading AI technology that measures attention and emotion levels

The Most Effective Christmas campaigns of 2017

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Feeling Christmassy yet? With the launch of the new John Lewis ad just around the corner – the official start of the festive period – you can almost hear the sleigh...

How Advertisers Can Grab People's Attention This Halloween

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Getting noticed this Halloween is not easy for advertisers. Brands looking to make the most of the huge interest surrounding Fright Night face a lot more noise than...

Halloween 2018: The Scariest Ads Of All Time

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Halloween is here - hooray! Yes, that annual event when the entire family celebrate everything that is horrible, creepy and terrifying in the world is back - and we...

What Happened When We Tested Some Of The BBC's Greatest TV Moments

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Finding something decent to watch on the telly can be challenging. But while channel-hopping the seemingly endless array of boring reality shows, cooking features and...

Which Cannes contenders will come out on top?

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  Trying to predict a Cannes winner is a tricky business. After all, from the tens of thousands of marketing campaigns submitted only 3% will actually walk away...

Nike Scores Early World Cup Victory Against adidas As Viewers Find Ad...

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The battle for the 2018 World Cup has not even started yet, but already Nike has scored one major victory over its sporting rival adidas.