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COVID-19 and Brands On Trial

Max Kalehoff

Max Kalehoff

April 21
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Smile Index chart

Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Smiles Drop 32%

During a sustained global crisis, people go through a sequence of psychological stages, like ensuring their safety and security, then processing the meaning of the...

A small social gathering watching short-form-video

Short-Form Video In An Age of Distraction

Hopefully, the Coronavirus pandemic will pass quickly and with minimal harm. Either way, we’re accelerating into a new age of consumer distraction and shorter...

10 AI-Powered Insights To Help Brands Optimise Their Short-Form Mobile Ads

Marketers are literally running out of time. With viewer attention at an all-time low and the increasing dominance of mobile as the device of choice, the appetite...


#emotionAI Research Finds Lowering Ad Load Increases Attention, Brand Recall and Emotional Engagement

Less really is more in advertising. You only need to look at some recent research we conducted with France Télévisions Publicité to see how.


AI-Powered Insights On How to Create The Perfect Christmas Ad

The John Lewis ad is almost here – and with it the official start of the Christmas period. Sure, it’s less than two months till Jesus’ birthday, but they do say it...


Measuring the Emotional Impact of Branded Storytelling

The biggest challenge facing marketers these days is not getting their message out – it’s being heard at all. At a time when the average time spent on digital...


Mobile Video Viewers More Emotional and Engaged Than Desktop Users

People who watch videos on their mobile devices are more likely to have an intense emotional reaction to the content.


New report predicts ‘exponential increase’ of six-second ad format

There’s nothing hotter in the industry right now than six-second ads. But don’t just take our word for it – you can read all about it in Extreme Reach’s Q1 2018...

Picture Perfect - How Emotion Analytics is Ideal for Animatic Testing

Before a video ever gets aired, it’s already been through countless reviews, processes, edits and so on. So the earlier you can establish the potential success of a...