Gaming Industry’s Biggest TV Ads Play to Their Base of Young Males

Despite females now comprising nearly half of all U.S. gamers (46% according to the Entertainment Software Association), surging video game advertiser spend during...

The Clear Line Between Facial Coding and Facial Recognition

People often confuse and conflate “facial coding” with “facial recognition.” 


Why Marketers Need AI To Scale The Effectiveness Of Their Video Creative

Video in marketing is booming right now. Bolstered by a surge in mobile viewing and a host of innovative new digital media formats to choose from, video is firmly at...

Attention Devices

How AI Can Help Brands Be Heard In The Age Of Distraction

The other weekend I caught myself juggling between six different connected devices at the same time.


New AI-Powered Metric Tells Brands How Much Attention Ads Will Attract Before Launch

Advertisers can now find out how much attention their ads will attract before they are launched thanks to a new AI-powered metric released today by emotion AI...

Three myths about emotion measurement. Busted.

“The next frontier” of big data, EMOTION ANALYTICS is confidently making its way into marketing research and decision making. Its growing popularity rests on solid...

Mona Lisa's Smile in The Mind

The great portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous paintings in art history. The ambiguity of her expression, often described as...