Realeyes Wins SaaS Awards Newcomer Honor

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We are proud to announce we won the Newcomer Award at the SaaS Awards this year. Though we don’t necessarily feel like a newcomer, it’s a welcome reward for all that...

Revisiting COVID Vaccination PSA Effectiveness as School Opens Up


When we released our Vaccine Ad Report in June, there was a little bit of optimism that come the beginning of the 2021 school year, the world would collectively be...

Digiday Pays Attention to Realeyes’ Pioneering Technology


Digiday recently got the memo that attention is in. Their article cited Realeyes as a major influence on the power of attention, alongside some of our competitors....

Attention Data API for Predicting In-Market Video Ad Performance

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Our patented video attention prediction system, PreView, has steadily gained momentum since its launch in Fall of 2020.

Realeyes Wins AI Excellence Awards for Attention Measurement Solution

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We’re proud to announce that our flagship ad -testing product PreView was named a winner in The Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence ...

Advertising Attention Prediction Tool Wins 'BIG Innovation Award'

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We’re excited to announce we won the 2021 BIG Innovation Awards from Business Intelligence Group for PreView, our tool for measuring human response and predicting...

A Mission to Create a Trillion More Smiles Per Year

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Those who are already familiar with Realyes will know us for our application of computer vision and emotion AI technology to empower advertisers and media platform...

Why Attention in Advertising Is Your Best Path to Sales


(This is a summary of a full article featured in Forbes)

CMO Guide For Measuring Attention: Facial Coding

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If attention is an outcome that leads to sales and customer loyalty, then the advertising industry should embrace attention.  But measuring attention is not trivial....