Distinguished Ad Leaders Form Realeyes’ Attention Advisory Board


One of the best ways to improve advertising and customer experience is by harnessing attention metrics. Attention is both predictive and a prerequisite for any business...

Realeyes & Adelaide Announce Attention Data Partnership

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Our advertising industry is moving beyond viewability and into the realm of human resonance and attention. While the advertising landscape of the past was tonnage, the...

Former Google Exec Dave Fall joins Realeyes as Chief Product Officer


We are excited to announce that Dave Fall has joined Realeyes as Chief Product Officer He will lead Realeyes’ overall product strategy and operations, including its...

Why Creatives Must Start Paying Attention to Attention

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What makes a successful ad? Attention. And all the targeting in the world won’t matter if the people who view the ad are not persuaded or entertained. That’s why we...

Realeyes Wins SaaS Awards Newcomer Honor

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We are proud to announce we won the Newcomer Award at the SaaS Awards this year. Though we don’t necessarily feel like a newcomer, it’s a welcome reward for all that we...

Attention Data API for Predicting In-Market Video Ad Performance

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Our patented video attention prediction system, PreView, has steadily gained momentum since its launch in Fall of 2020.

Realeyes Wins AI Excellence Awards for Attention Measurement Solution

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We’re proud to announce that our flagship ad -testing product PreView was named a winner in The Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards...

Advertising Attention Prediction Tool Wins 'BIG Innovation Award'

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We’re excited to announce we won the 2021 BIG Innovation Awards from Business Intelligence Group for PreView, our tool for measuring human response and predicting...

How to Pull Off a 75-Person Company Offsite in VR

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In December 2020, Realeyes employees from all over the world gathered for the company’s annual offsite meeting. In previous years, this event has brought together our...