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Data Quality Pledge Gaining Momentum

Mihkel Jäätma

Mihkel Jäätma

May 16
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A green eye with 'AttentionX' written over it

CreativeX and Realeyes Join Forces to Launch AttentionX 

AttentionX brings instant attention predictions to one of the largest creative databases in market. Mars is the first global advertiser to pilot integrated solution...

Kantar and Realeyes logos

Kantar and Realeyes Join Forces to Fix Survey Fraud

In an era where survey results fuel $1 trillion in business decisions, ensuring the integrity of survey data is incredibly important. But the rise of generative AI...

Kantar Context Lab logo over Realeyes dashboard screen

Kantar Integrates Realeyes Attention Tech to Advance Ad Effectiveness

We’ve long admired Kantar’s legacy as a pioneer and trusted partner in ad measurement to the world’s largest brands. Which is why we’re excited to announce we have...

Woman in data farm with tablet

Why Realeyes Holds SOC2 Certification & What It Means for You

In an age where data is the lifeblood of businesses, trust and security are paramount. As a data company, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your...

PreView Dashboard

Realeyes Enables Advertisers to Test  Every Video for the Attention Economy

Global advertisers seldom test the efficacy of every video creative, often due to cost and complexity associated with traditional research methods. However,...

PreView Dashboard

Brand-new PreView Changes the Creative Attention Game Forever

I’m excited to announce our new and improved PreView, a timely development as industry turns its attention on creative. We have always believed that creative...

Teads Attention Program

Realeyes Launch Partner in Teads Attention Program

Teads announced at Cannes the launch of its Attention Program, which features creative and attention quality metrics from Realeyes and provides clients with...

Martin Salo, Sorin Patilinet & Max Kalehoff

Mars and Realeyes Show 18% Sales Lift, Win I-COM Best AI Award

Mars, Incorporated and Realeyes won Best Artificial Intelligence at the 2022 I-Com Data Creativity Awards in Costa Brava, Spain.

Mihkel Jäätma and Yan Liu

Realeyes & TVision Partner to Expand Full Suite of Attention Metrics

Building on their joint research on best practices to maximize viewer engagement with TV ads, Realeyes and TVision, leaders in attention measurement, will offer...