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Navigating the Attention Trail

Keith O'Brien

Keith O'Brien

May 9
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Tom Roach

Attention Strengthens Advertisers’ Contract with Audiences

Tom Roach, VP Brand Strategy at Jellyfish, shared his perspective on how attention improves advertising effectiveness. He spoke to Realeyes about why attention...

Helping Advertisers See the Bigger Picture of Attention

Phil Sumner, SVP Global Data, Audiences & Technology Solutions Director at Publicis Groupe, has tracked the evolution of advertising metrics throughout his career....

Mercedes Riofrio

The Trinity of Attention: Context, Emotional Response & Distinction

Mercedes Riofrio, global research manager at Seedtag, spoke with Attention Leaders about how attention helps advertisers dig deeper into how users behave, why it’s...

Parvati Vaish

Attention is All About Delivering Value

As attention matures, advertisers are looking to their media partners to help them navigate this landscape. Parvati Vaish, SVP, Director of Analytics at Havas Media...

Duncan Southgate

Kantar's Comprehensive Approach to Attention

Duncan Southgate, Senior Director of global creative in Kantar’s Insights division, is a creative, media, and brand insights expert passionate about delivering...

Albert Thompson

Exploring Attention’s Renaissance

Albert Thompson, Walton Issacson MD, digital innovation, discussed why attention is the only thing that matters, why the truth about attention will set CMOs free,...

Alex Cheeseman

Attention as a Catalyst for Change

Alex Cheeseman is Head of Enterprise, UK at Outbrain, a technology platform that drives business results by engaging people across the open web. He spoke to Realeyes...

Rob Hall, CEO Playground XYZ

Helping Advertisers Solve the Attention Puzzle

Playground XYZ CEO Rob Hall spoke to Attention Leaders about how attention success varies by environment, how it needs to be tied to business outcomes, and how...

Simon Thomas

Attention Measurement’s Global Footprint

With nearly 1/3rd of the big six agency billings, GroupM has huge influence on how clients advertise. Simon Thomas, Global Director - Audiences Research and Media...