Shorter Video Ads Among Top Performers In QSR Industry

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Key findings Video ads 15 seconds or fewer in duration claim the top ten spots in capturing attention among 38 new summer QSR ads. Forced-exposure media buys don’t...

People Tired of Sappy Coronavirus Messaging, Insurance Ad Study Shows

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In March, brand advertisers realised they needed to dial down on the product selling, and dial up brand values and reassurance. Things have begun to shift. Brands...

In This Time of Crisis, Faces Matter

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We held a live event on The Science Behind Thank-You TV Ads last week and we had the pleasure to welcome our panel of experts who discussed the recent findings from...

Gaming Industry’s Biggest TV Ads Play to Their Base of Young Males

Case study, Research, Product, Technology

Despite females now comprising nearly half of all U.S. gamers (46% according to the Entertainment Software Association), surging video game advertiser spend during...

COVID-19 and Brands On Trial

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In this period of COVID-19, it is crucial for brands to know what is the right way to connect with their consumers and when is the right time to sell.

Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Smiles Drop 32%


During a sustained global crisis, people go through a sequence of psychological stages, like ensuring their safety and security, then processing the meaning of the...

Short-Form Video In An Age of Distraction


Hopefully, the Coronavirus pandemic will pass quickly and with minimal harm. Either way, we’re accelerating into a new age of consumer distraction and shorter...