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Realeyes & Adelaide Announce Attention Data Partnership

Our advertising industry is moving beyond viewability and into the realm of human resonance and attention. While the advertising landscape of the past was tonnage, the future is about quality of experience and impact.

That is why the Realeyes team is excited to announce a partnership with Adelaide, a pioneer in evidence-based media quality measurement.

We share the same commitment to empowering advertisers to make better advertising investment decisions by leveraging attention data.

Creative is the biggest influence on media and sales outcomes, so it is time for creative and media to bridge under common KPIs. We have seen with our top partners that attention is the common language to do so.

The importance of bridging creative and media attention is underscored by quotes from top partners:
“Consumer attention is the scarcest resource in the advertising industry, and every marketer should focus on how to best capture and retain it,” said Paolo Provinciali, VP of Media and Data, US, Anheuser-Busch InBev.” This partnership could play a critical role in advancing the science of attention measurement and provide a better understanding of how media and creative work together to influence consumer behavior.”

“Havas Media believes that meaningful attention measurement stems from the intersection of strong creative and smart media investments,” said Mike Bregman, Chief Data Officer, Havas Media North America. “In today’s noisy and distracting marketplace, having solutions that can account for the efficacy of both is crucial in delivering compelling results for our clients.”

Adelaide’s customers will have the option to add Realeyes’ creative attention scoring to existing media data and reports, to make better creative and media selections and matching. In the future, a streamlined version of Realeyes creative metrics will be available in Adelaide’s dashboard.

Realeyes will continue to partner with advertising leaders that put attention front and center of creative and media measurement.

Read more about our partnerships in our joint press release. Let’s do great things together, Adelaide.