Emotional Intelligence test. It's a Masterpass!

An emotionally intelligent video has Three Success Factors:
1. WHAT: It offers a viewer a reason to engage with a video in a meaningful way.

2. HOW: It masterfully crafts a story by keeping the four parameters -  attention, engagement, retention, and impact - well balanced. 

3. WHO: Its content successfully reaches out to its target audience.
With over 5 years of testing videos, we’ve found that hitting these three targets successfully is a rather rare occurrence.  That’s why we get excited when we see a video that manages to push all the right buttons. We dissect such videos applying emotion analytics tools to demonstrate what makes them high performers.

Let’s have a look at the New Boyfriend test on the dashboard

At first glance at the Happy curve tells us it’s a positive story that starts with a slightly higher than average Attraction but as it unfolds, Happiness confidently builds. It finishes with a high Impact score of 9, which is a sure sign the story left a footprint on viewers’ emotions. See 0:23 when the New Boyfriend says, "I was hoping that you were going to say shoe shopping." creates the pivotal moment which generates the great peak at the end. This result ticks the first two boxes – 1) Engaging in a meaningful way and 2) Keeping the four EmotionAll Metrics scoring well. 


Now to the Key Success Factor number 3 – reaching out to the target audience. Based on our experience, this one may be the hardest to achieve. We’ve seen many videos, which were engaging and compelling but one thing was missing – they were speaking to the people who were unlikely to buy from the brands advertised.
Therefore, it’s encouraging to see how Masterpass does an excellent job connecting with both genders and all age groups. While the EmotionAll score across all three age groups is high with an 8, it is even higher with over 30s viewers scoring a 9, which we don’t see very often. And if we look closer, we can see that the 50+ group responded even more enthusiastically! It is a great sign because digital products are notoriously difficult to market to the older users and we’d like to applaud Masterpass for establishing this kind of positive emotional connection with this particular group.

What about gender? Women displayed more emotional reaction to this story - show me a young lady who wouldn't want a considerate boyfriend, or a mum who wouldn't want the same for her daughter. Men remained more reserved throughout the video, but the shoe shopping scene won them over – look at the Happiness spike identical for both genders.

So Masterpass ticks box number three too! Overall, a great job. Both men and women in our office, aged 25 – 45 smiled at the ad, too.