Colin Pye

Colin Pye

Super Bowl LV Live Ad Tracker for Attention Using Emotion AI


4From the first to the last ad of the game, each spot released in the field is rated by its performance to Capture, Retain and Encode audience attention using PreView.

The Best Super Bowl Ads for Audience Attention 2018 - 2020


All eyes are on the Super Bowl. The biggest network TV event of the year claimed 102 million viewers in 2020 at a cost of $5.6 million per 30-seconnd spot. But are...

Best and Worst UK Christmas Ads for Audience Attention


The competition for consumer attention is fierce leading up to Christmas. It’s crucial to have a campaign that attracts highly distracted audiences, which is why brands...

A Mission to Create a Trillion More Smiles Per Year

Company, Product, Technology

Those who are already familiar with Realyes will know us for our application of computer vision and emotion AI technology to empower advertisers and media platform...

How a Soundtrack Encouraged Cinema-Goers to Tackle World Hunger

Case study

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association, have launched ‘Feed Our Future’ – a campaign to encourage global...

People Tired of Sappy Coronavirus Messaging, Insurance Ad Study Shows

Case study, Research, Events

In March, brand advertisers realised they needed to dial down on the product selling, and dial up brand values and reassurance. Things have begun to shift. Brands have...

Realeyes Expands Globally As Market for Emotion AI Accelerates


New Executives Join to Meet International Demand as Realeyes Adds New Customers, Products and Applications

See which brand ads smashed it at Super Bowl LIV

Case study

Attention and emotion measures reveal propensity for advertising creative to drive impact of paid media investment