How Advertisers Can Grab People's Attention This Halloween

Colin Pye
Colin Pye
October 30 1 min read
Getting noticed this Halloween is not easy for advertisers. Brands looking to make the most of the huge interest surrounding Fright Night face a lot more noise than the odd bump in the night.

But it can be done. With the right content, advertisers really can grab consumers' undivided attention. Using Realeyes' AI tech, brands can test their content before launch so they can make sure it attracts the maximum amount of attention from their key audiences. In fact, as a bit of fun, we decided to show you exactly what we mean by playing a devilish trick on some of our fellow Realeyes team members. 

We asked volunteers if they would be willing to take part in a Halloween test and then sat back and filmed the results.  


The ad we showed them was from K-Fee (YouTube), which, without wishing to give away the end, can be a little shocking.  What wasn't shocking, however, was the responses.  

To make sure your ad is attracting the right attention and is hitting the right emotional buttons, please download more information on our ground-breaking emotional and attention AI tech solutions (below).






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