How to identify a strong performing video without even watching it

Natalia Kuznetsova-Rice
Natalia Kuznetsova-Rice
April 26 2 min read

At Realeyes, we want your videos to perform the best they can. Making your videos seen, shared and loved by your customers across the web – to do that you need to move people and emotions drive behaviour.  

Using machine learning, analysing millions of facial reactions to thousands of videos, we know what makes a strong performing video - without needing to watch it. Collecting the subconscious reactions from viewers does away with the bias opinions of focus groups or board room decisions.

Take a look at the emotion data collected from 300 viewers across four different videos and see how they work.

Hit all the right buttons

This example is a heartwarming video that hits all the emotional buttons. It exemplifies an ideal pattern:

Strong Start: It grabs attention with a significant growth in Happiness from the outset.

Engaging Story: As the story unfolds, Happiness gradually builds.

Strong Finish: The story reaches an emotional crescendo toward the end – huge positive reaction. 


The emotional rollercoaster

An ‘emotional rollercoaster’ is when a negative moment is resolved by a positive one. After a positive start, the tension and drama of the story precipitates a drop in Positive emotion. However, as the story reaches a positive conclusion, the negative emotion is resolved. Happy peaks at the very end, leaving a lasting positive impression.


Poor emotional engagement

Identifying ads is pretty intuitive – flat, low trends signify poor emotional engagement. 


When a 'feel-good' concept doesn't engage

It lacks a clear, compelling narrative, fails to engage emotionally, producing low, flat trends. 
Doesnt_Engage.pngIt lacks a clear, compelling narrative, fails to engage emotionally, producing low, flat trends. Emotion insights for ad testing are key to video performance. 


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