Max Kalehoff at ANA Futures UNLOCKED

Video - How CMOs Can Save $20 Million On $100 Million Ad Spend

Can a CMO instantly save $20 million on a $100 million video ad spend? The definitive answer is yes, most can. That level of waste (or potential gain) is common among large brands, and it boils down to the power (or weakness) of the creative. 

It’s Time to Reverse Decades of Damage from the Unbundling of Creative & Media 


47% of sales are attributable to campaign creative according to Nielsen Catalina, yet few creative assets are pre-tested for their ability to perform in-market. The problem is getting worse as advertisers deploy more and more disparate creative to meet the demands of digital media platforms and personalization. 

Furthermore, the most advanced audience targeting, viewability optimization, and fraud prevention are worthless if advertising creative fails to earn the attention of consumers and drive an emotional response. Targeting has peaked, and now it is time for advertisers to turn their attention and investment to managing their most important performance lever. 

In my recent presentation to CMOs at the ANA’s UNLOCKED Summit, I presented our new ROI framework for codifying the economic value of video ad creative. It is based on Realeyes PreView, which uses facial coding and predictive analytics to measure the attention and effective media outcomes of video creative. 

Who wouldn't want to save $20 million on your $100 million video ad spend? 

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