Kantar Context Lab logo over Realeyes dashboard screen

Kantar Integrates Realeyes Attention Tech to Advance Ad Effectiveness

We’ve long admired Kantar’s legacy as a pioneer and trusted partner in ad measurement to the world’s largest brands. Which is why we’re excited to announce we have...

Person viewing a TikTok ad

Visual Attention Tech Decodes Impact in Mobile Environments

What You Need to Know Realeyes integrates eye square, enabling first solution to measure visual attention and emotional reactions in live mobile environments...

Attentive Reach Diagram with Peacock Feathers in Background

It’s Time to Address Advertising Effectiveness with Attention Metrics

Despite nascent status and developing standards, attention metrics represent a real opportunity to drive advertising effectiveness. Advertisers should act now and...

Mannequin covering face with hands while another is viewing video on their mobile

Using Visual Attention Metrics to Address The Digital Blind Spot in Advertising Effectiveness

We have reached the point where even the most TV-centric brands now invest a majority of their advertising on digital channels like CTV or online video. However, ad...

PreView Dashboard

Realeyes Enables Advertisers to Test  Every Video for the Attention Economy

Global advertisers seldom test the efficacy of every video creative, often due to cost and complexity associated with traditional research methods. However,...

Attention Council Salon

Debate to Define Attention Continues at Attention Council CIMM Salon

The Attention Council recently held the Inaugural Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) Salon, where members shared their approaches to attention metrics...

Illustration of a crystal ball containing lots of cash and attention metrics passing through it

Digiday Pays Attention to Realeyes’ Pioneering Technology

Digiday recently got the memo that attention is in. Their article cited Realeyes as a major influence on the power of attention, alongside some of our competitors....

PreView API using Google Data Studio

Attention Data API for Predicting In-Market Video Ad Performance

Our patented video attention prediction system, PreView, has steadily gained momentum since its launch in Fall of 2020.

Person holding a PreView report of Match.com ad featuring Taylor Swift which scored 8 out of 10

Critics Favor Low-Performing Ads for their “Top Rank” Lists

Critics’ picks versus people’s choice awards always illuminate the differences among what is popular, what is interesting to insiders, and what is important based on...