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Kantar and Realeyes Join Forces to Fix Survey Fraud

In an era where survey results fuel $1 trillion in business decisions, ensuring the integrity of survey data is incredibly important. But the rise of generative AI and increasingly sophisticated bots combined with incentives for bad actors has led to a significant decline in survey quality. 

Kantar research indicates that up to 38% of collected data is currently discarded due to issues such as low quality and duplicate respondents. 


Verify technology uses lightweight facial verification to fight bots and tackle user fraud...


This costly problem led Realeyes to create its Verify technology, which uses lightweight facial verification to fight bots and tackle user fraud dramatically better than digital fingerprinting, CAPTCHA and other solutions. It is a plug-and-play face verification system that's easily integrated into the market research workflow as a “survey gate” through which all respondents must first pass. Verify ensures that your market research remains untainted by fake engagement, providing you with accurate and quality sample data. 

We were proud to conduct a proof of concept with Kantar Profiles in Q4 2023, which identified 96.2% of duplicate respondents, bots, and hacking with only a 0.67% false positive rate on duplicates. 

We’re even prouder to announce an extensive partnership where Kantar Profiles will embed Verify into its industry-leading anti-fraud software, QubedAI.  

With this integration, Kantar’s clients will benefit from: 

  • Selective respondent validation pre-survey for Kantar Panels and third-party sources 
  • Third-party panel duplicate respondent protection for client research  
  • Reduced usage of IP de-duplication rules, which negatively affect mobile IPs   
  • QubedAI training tool for validating decisions 
  • Account protection for Kantar-owned LifePoints and Qmee panelists 

The integration of Verify into QubedAI represents a significant step forward in the fight against survey fraud. With Kantar's global reach and Realeyes' cutting-edge technology, the stage is set to revolutionize the way organizations make business and marketing decisions, ensuring that data remains a trusted and valuable asset in an increasingly data-driven world.

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