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Kantar Integrates Realeyes Attention Tech to Advance Ad Effectiveness

We’ve long admired Kantar’s legacy as a pioneer and trusted partner in ad measurement to the world’s largest brands. Which is why we’re excited to announce we have partnered with Kantar to enhance its industry-leading measurement with our best-in-class vision AI technology. 

Kantar has integrated Realeyes’ Attention and facial coding technology into its Context Lab solution for social video and mobile ad measurement.  

According to Duncan Southgate, Kantar’s Senior Director of Global Creative Products, Kantar has long addressed Attention, and Context Lab now answers a growing need among advertising for Attention measurement across digital advertising environments.  

See the short demo movie of Kantar Context Lab with Attention: 


Context Lab with Attention decodes digital creative advertising effectiveness 

Meta’s “Decoding Digital Environmentsreport, a partnership with Realeyes and Bill Harvey, confirmed there are distinct environments within digital video. Whether swipe, skip or scroll, marketers must play to each environment’s strengths to make the most of the media along with the creative placed within. 

Decoding Digital Environments

Kantar’s Context Lab provides an understanding of how effectively brand content drives changes in key brand measures, from awareness through to purchase intent, within the context of various digital media environments. The solution also gives feedback on how creative quality contributes to that impact. 

Context Lab with Attention now enables brands to answer: 

  • How people pay Attention to ads within different media contexts​
  • Which creative elements drive Attention to ads​
  • How Attention can be optimized to improve media effectiveness

Realeyes Vision AI and Attention Detection at Work 

Realeyes has pioneered and patented a deep-learning AI approach to measuring visual attention that surpasses nominal gaze and eye-tracking. Instead, it assesses attention in a more holistic manner, as a human would do.  

The behavioral-based solution works with human opt-in participants in a natural, un-intrusive way on their desktop or mobile devices. 

Attention is Becoming Central to Advertising Effectiveness 

Attention is a prominent stage in The Advertising Research Foundation’s advertising response model. It is the bridge between ad delivery and ad effect.  

ARF Ad Delivery Model (Simplified)


Not surprisingly, a 2022 Realeyes survey of 320 advertising leaders indicates that: 

  • 90% of ad professionals report Attention metrics are important​ 
  • 65% report that Attention is a conversion stage in the sales and customer journey ​ 
  • Most will invest in Attention metrics in the next 12 months​ 

As evidenced in Realeyes’ Attention Leaders video series, industry luminaries explain why Attention metrics are important: 

  Ethan Rapp    

Technology has advanced to the point now where you can put this stuff out of the laboratory and into the wild.

 Ethan Rapp, consultant on Attention to The ARF​ 


  Thaer Namruti    

Marketers should think of Attention as a scarce resource, then an understanding of Attention can fuel better client marketing strategies.

Thaer Namruti, EVP Global Data & Technology, Publicis Groupe​ 


  Sorin Patlinet    

Attention means focusing on what consumers are spotlighting, and it's a great opportunity for advertisers to be more consumer-centric and understand what platforms, formats drive a better reaction.

Sorin Patilinet, Senior Director Consumer Insights at Mars Inc​ 


  Paolo Proviniciali


Attention is important in the advertising industry because it's a prerequisite for message reception and encoding, and the ability of advertising to create awareness, change perception, and drive behavior.

Paolo Provinciali, Head of Paid Media Strategy & operations, LinkedIn​