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NCM - America's Movie Network adopts Realeyes for ad testing

By Colin Pye

When competition for advertising revenue remains higher than ever, NCM is out to prove to marketers that investing in cinema advertising yields a good return.

National CineMedia (NCM) is now using Realeyes facial coding and reporting as a way to gain an edge in testing audiences emotional response to advertising before going to market.

By sampling from more than five thousand consenting moviegoers from NCM’s Behind the Screens proprietary panel will act as the company’s audience, Realeyes technology will measure and rate the attraction, retention, engagement and impact of the ads. The insights will be compared to emotional norms and the ads scored for key benchmarks.

We deliver the data and say here’s what worked and what didn’t,” explains Doug Pulick, NCM’s senior vice president, Strategic Insight and Analytics, “Then they can tweak the content before it goes public.”  Compared to focus groups and questionnaires that are often limited to what people say about their emotions, facial coding has the potential to be better and faster.  In addition, moment-by-moment diagnostic adds value in some situations.

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by Colin Pye

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