Realeyes And To Show How Brands Are Using AI To Raise Creative Bar At #AWNewYork

It’s easy to think that we’re several years away from artificial intelligence having a significant role in our everyday lives.

But AI is already having an impact on the things we do and the choices we make. From the TV shows or songs we’re recommended on Netflix or Spotify to the social media platforms or video games we use, AI is already busy behind the scenes in our daily lives.

But how will AI help to shape the advertising industry? What role will it play? Can a machine really create a better ad than a human? Are the robots really coming to steal our creativity?

Well, why not come along to Realeyes’ session at Advertising Week New York next month and find out. 

Realeyes’ Head Customer Success, Tina Gaffney, will be co-presenting a session with Alice Chen, of, on how brands can use AI to raise the creative bar in Adland. 

The session, called “Machine marketing: How AI is powering the next generation of Adland creativity”, is on Wednesday, September 25th at 2-3pm.

Tina will show how emerging technologies such as Emotion AI are being used to inform marketing decisions at the speed and scale that the market demands. Alice will also show how the is using Realeyes’ #EmotionAI data to inform their content marketing strategies.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the session on the Advertising Week New York website today. 

Tina will not be the only member of the Realeyes team at Advertising Week New York. The US team is going to be out in force, and would love to chat about how our solutions can help brands measure the value of their content at scale.



Adweek New York

Monday, September 23 2019 at 8am; Ends: Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 7.30pm

Our Session: Wednesday, September 25th at 2-3pm (50min)

Workshop Stage

📍1998 Broadway, New York, NY 10023


Adweek New York : Machine marketing: How AI is powering the next generation of Adland creativity

It’s time to rethink the way we see AI and creativity. While the thought of machines taxiing us around and delivering our Amazon packages may seem inevitable, the promise of AI-powered advertising has so far faced grim resistance from creatives, unwilling to hide their contempt at the idea that a computer could even come close to replacing human creativity.

But rather than being seen as a threat to human creativity, we need to look at how AI can help the creative process. AI is a game-changer, but not for the reasons people may think.

Join Tina Gaffney, Head of Customer Success at AI company Realeyes, and Alice Chen, Senior Brand Manager at, as they show how emerging technologies such as Emotion AI is helping marketers maximise their marketing spend and optimise the emotional appeal of their ads.


Are you interested in attending or are interested in the workshop topic - then please get in touch.