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Realeyes Attention Measurement for Video Ads Achieves Brand Adoption & U.S. Patent

More Brands Using AI-Powered Facial Coding Technology Over Surveys To Gain A True Understanding Of Human Response and Video Creative Performance

Realeyes, a pioneer and leader in video attention measurement, announced today that its flagship PreView SaaS product has exceeded industry expectations by initiating a blue-chip roster of brand clients including Mars Inc, Church & Dwight and Hershey’s among others. The company also has completed a breakthrough creative and media analytics assignment for influential political data firm Hawkfish, and has established a strategic partnership in Japan with NEC, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies.

Since its debut in August 2020, PreView attention measurement has featured hundreds of brands across 24 markets. It provides clients with vital intelligence across a high volume of their brand and their competitors’ digital advertising creative.

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded a patent to Realeyes for PreView’s core technology, a “computer-implemented system and method for determining attentiveness of users.” This patent recognizes Realeyes’ IP in areas of development of online attention measurement using any webcams in modern computing devices. Realeyes’ method is based on annotation of facial expressions indicative of user attentiveness, and machine-learning models based on such data, which then can measure user attentiveness in scenarios like watching online videos. This patent grant brings Realeyes’ total number of patents to 17, with 18 pending, in areas of computer vision and emotion AI.

Realeyes also has developed a new ROI framework within PreView that quantifies the economic impact of video creative Quality Score on media cost (qCPM). The framework has been shared at key client symposiums including the ANA’s UNLOCKED Summit, featuring innovative uses of AI in the customer journey. The ROI framework is featured in a downloadable white paper, The High Cost of Low Quality Video Creative.

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PreView calculates a video creative’s in-market performance by measuring: Capture, the ability to hook attention in the first seconds; Retain, the ability to retain audience attentiveness until the end; and Encode, the ability for brand messaging to create emotional response and memorability.

Good marketers always knew it, but with PreView Quality Score they now finally have the common language to align creative and media for maximum brand growth across their entire creative portfolio.  
- Mihkel Jäätma, CEO & Co-Founder


In addition to enhancing media ROI, PreView has become useful in empowering CMOs to quickly and reliably measure the Quality Score of every video creative, to determine which ones should be flighted and boosted with media budget, edited, or cut. PreView also delivers competitive intelligence to close gaps and boost market share.

PreView represents a unique opportunity for publishers and digital platforms to strengthen advertiser relationships and grow revenues. A platform’s audience is only as valuable as the quality of the advertiser’s creative. With PreView, platforms can better advise advertisers on why certain creatives perform, how to optimize creatives on the platform, and qualify and reward higher volumes of quality creative for better performance. Realeyes recently released a downloadable study showcasing creative intelligence for publishers and platforms: Swipe Up: TikTok and the Power of Authenticity.

“A good ad brings your true media costs down, a bad ad makes your effective media costs go up,” said Mihkel Jäätma, co-founder and CEO, Realeyes. “Good marketers always knew it, but with PreView Quality Score they now finally have the common language to align creative and media for maximum brand growth across their entire creative portfolio.”Realeyes will launch later in the quarter the PreView API for clients that wish to integrate PreView data directly into their own marketing analytics environments, such as content-management or business-intelligence systems. Additionally, Realeyes will debut a new portfolio view dashboard for multi-video comparative intelligence.

In addition to innovating closely with clients, Realeyes is active in partnering with leading academic institutions to advance PreView’s core technology around attention and emotion detection. For example, a recent partnership with Columbia Business School’s data science department, resulted in new evidence that video thumbnail selections can influence viewing attention of ads by nearly 20%.