Realeyes makes the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Colin Pye
Colin Pye
November 27 5 min read
Deloitte Tech Fast50

Realeyes is proud to be listed in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 2017, the ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.

With 932% revenue growth, Realeyes came 28th on the list of companies representing a variety of industries.

“Successful pursuit of growth is an implicit characteristic amongst Fast 50 companies, but this is a far from simple feat. Winners tend to be those that have spotted, and capitalised on, market opportunities for tech-enabled growth in new and existing sectors. And when looking across all of the 662 unique winners over the last twenty years, it is easy to see that having a great product or service, knowing your customer and employing excellent staff are the common ingredients to help ensure fast-paced growth.”
- David Cobb, Programme Lead of Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50

Ranking   Company Growth Region Sector
1 Deliveroo 107,117% London Internet
2 Bloom & Wild 13,818% London Internet
3 MoveGB 6,053% South West Internet
4 Smarkets 5,390% London Fintech
5 Stratajet 3,634% London Internet
6 Paddle 3,239% London Software
7 Receipt Bank 2,947% London Fintech
8 GoCardless Ltd 2,097% London Fintech
9 Coull 1,915% South West Media & Entertainment
10 Brainlabs 1,913% London Media & Entertainment
11 Outplay Entertainment 1,904% Scotland Media & Entertainment
12 LoopMe 1,825% London Software
13 VIRTUS Data Centres 1,729% London Software
14 Optal 1,714% London Fintech
15 Kantox 1,688% London Fintech
16 mobstuff 1,635% London Media & Entertainment
17 Duco 1,590% London Fintech
18 In Touch Networks 1,572% North West Internet
19 WDX 1,563%               London Fintech
20 Volta Data Centres 1,562% London Software
21 PM Connect Ltd 1,319% Midlands Media & Entertainment
22 CyanConnode 1,221% Cambridgeshire Telecommunications
23 Ieso Digital Health 1,175% Cambridgeshire  Healthcare & Life Sciences
24 Yieldify 1,144% London Media & Entertainment
25 BigChange 1,095% North East Software
26 Poq 1,015% London Software
27 Exsel Group 959% Scotland Software

28 Realeyes 932% London Software

29 Funding Circle 853% London Fintech
30 Reddico 851% South East Internet
31 Fonix 785% London Fintech
32 StarLeaf 782% London Software
33 Kymab Ltd 763% South East Healthcare & Life Sciences
34 Victor 716% London Internet
35 Blis Media 702% London Media & Entertainment
36 Featurespace 677% Cambridgeshire  Software
37 Mighty Social 651% London Media & Entertainment
38 Farfetch 649% London Internet
39 WorldRemit 642% London Fintech
40 Nervecentre Software 636% South East Software
41 Black Swan Data 597% London Software
42 BlueGlass 561% London Media & Entertainment
43 BookingBug 554% London Software
44 Peppermint Technology 552% Midlands Software
45 Ebury Partners Ltd 548% London Fintech
46 SIPHON 539% South West Telecommunications
47 Cloud Technology Solutions 510% North West Software
48 AccessPay 497% North West Fintech
49 Arcus Global 491% Cambridgeshire             Software
50 Seedrs Ltd 481% London Fintech

“First of all, a humble thank you to all our beloved customers for putting Realeyes amongst the fastest growing tech firms in the UK. We are truly excited to rank on that list! The last few years have been transformational for us, tapping into new industries and territories via new partnerships. With video content projected to make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2020, it's a priority for most marketers to improve the performance of their expanding video activities. Realeyes will continue to aggressively invest in our platform to advance our leading position in emotion analytics to serve the growing need for better marketing performance." - Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes CEO

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Realeyes 

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