Teads Eye

Realeyes Launch Partner in Teads Attention Program

Teads announced at Cannes the launch of its Attention Program, which features creative and attention quality metrics from Realeyes and provides clients with multi-screen reporting of attention metrics within the Teads Ad Manager.

Realeyes is building upon its partnership with Teads to deliver robust, creative and cross-screen, attention measurement for campaigns.

Our work with Teads will enable brands to pre-test creative to drive maximum attention ahead of campaign launch and optimize while in-market, increasing Creative Efficiency, which will have a positive effect of return on investment.

Adeleide and Lumen are also partners in the launch of the platform, which will incorporate all 4 key drivers of attention; Creative, Quality of Media, Relevancy and Ad Experience. The platform will offer attention measurement and creative optimization for brands, natively across every screen.

“We’re excited to expand our longstanding partnership with Teads and other best-in-class partners to advance the advertising industry’s adoption of attention metrics,” said Mihkel Jäätma, co-founder and CEO, Realeyes. “The advertising industry is moving from tonnage to quality, bringing together creative and media attention metrics to make smarter decisioning, drive higher ROI and create better consumer experiences.”

Teads has used Realeyes PreView solution since 2020 to better demonstrate the power of attention.

It shared with MarketingWeek last year a study that found simple optimizations could lead to 18.5% higher ad awareness, and that a mere 5% increase in attention volume can lead to a 40% increase in ad awareness in market.

Attention is proven to be 3x more effective at predicting outcomes than viewability, which demonstrates the power of this platform.

The partnership will provide brands, publishers and media buyers with more insights on how attention metrics align with business goals and ultimately drive a better return on media investment.

The program will Beta launch in July and will be available for all Teads customers later in 2022.