MADFest ft: Mihkel, Sorin and Anastasia

The 'Synthetic' Future of Ad Testing is Here

Throughout our history, Realeyes has combined human creative testing with advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to parse results. We have always looked towards using the data set we have built over the years - over 17 million webcam tests of video ads all over the world – to power a synthetic AI tool that can finally achieve the industry’s goal of testing every single piece of creative. 

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Though we have only released our synthetic tool this year, we’ve already seen some great results, as we recently shared at an I-COM Attention Forum meeting and at MadFest 2024. In our first campaign with Mars, we've already shown 3-5% sales lift potential, a key metric for the company. 


Today, our CEO Mihkel Jäätma was joined by Sorin Patilinet, Senior Director Global Media Effectiveness, Mars; and Anastasia Leng, CreativeX CEO, at MadFest 2024 where they discussed AttentionX, the partnership between Realeyes and CreativeX, that achieved those results for Mars ACE

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AttentionX combines CreativeX creative insight and Realeyes Synthetic Measurement to instantly score attention performance for every ad from any ad account linked to CreativeX. The service also delivers AI-generated recommendations on how to improve ads to capture more attention and make their media investments work harder.  

The model behind AttentionX works off the largest, highest quality, most diverse and legally compliant dataset of ad attention in existence. 

Running any ad, image or video through the model predicts the emotions and attention of how audiences would respond to it in real life. It works across all countries, languages and ad formats with 70% accuracy vs human measurement. 

In fact, we use that data to train an AI model that means in most cases, we don't need to use respondents anymore. 

It is truly game-changing in ad effectiveness. We've gone from days to seconds. We're moving from thousands to millions of ads. Additionally, we've moved from improving proxy outcomes to moving hard dollars via sales outcomes.  

Creative - the key driver of campaign outcome is now more measurable than ever. The new synthetic approach creates new ways to plug this success signal into modern creative production, media activation and measurement tools.