Uber’s 'Effortless Night' dances away with both sexes

Colin Pye
Colin Pye
June 23 3 min read
Realeys emotion insight for ab Uber ad

If you’ve seen Uber’s inaugural ad ‘Effortless Night’ by Creative Agency BBH, there’s something captivating about watching these two protagonists dance from scene to scene, or should I say Uber to Uber?  As we can put numbers to emotions, we were curious to see what it was that makes this a dance to remember.

A nod to 1950s musicals a-la Westside Story or Singin' In the Rain, the story captures the awkward and somewhat clumsy moments of dating while they seamlessly pass through the date scenes making it a feel-good spot that sees happiness build and reaching a positive climax as they dance in the rain together. Even without looking at the actual ad, the chart line shows that it’s a well executed story.

Realeyes emotion insight for an Uber ad

Now, this is where it gets interesting. We see that men are more attracted to the ad at the beginning but then their mood declines. Within the first 20 seconds it doesn’t look very promising when the guy shows his goofy moves. The happiness chart suggests that other guys have been there too as male happiness drops and women are entertained as their happiness builds.

Realeyes emotion insight for an Uber ad

As the night progresses, men’s happiness soon recovers, and women enjoy the dominant female character as she leads the dance and throws a few forceful moves to get him in to the Uber (0:29). Additionally it’s interesting to see at 0:37 that male Surprise metric soars as the female protagonist throws her handbag in to his chest and playfully pushes his head in to the Uber. At 0:49 seconds, just before the final brand sting, we witness perfect harmony as they dance together in the rain.

Realeyes emotion insight for an Uber ad

An EmotionAll® Score of 7/10 suggests that the spot doesn’t evoke intense emotions, but it perfectly manages to catch audience attention, keeps them engaged throughout and has impact. Women simply weren't given any surprises here which has kept the Attraction score way below average, but it delivers in all other areas.  

Interestingly, it shows a higher EmotionAll® Score for men than for women - are men more excited about date nights? And look at the perfect 10 for Attraction! Attraction metric denotes whether the video manages to grab the viewer’s attention by measuring the peak in Surprise within the first 8 seconds of viewing. Is this the thrill of the first date typical to most blokes?

Overall, well done Uber. You’ve put the best foot forward with your first ad and engaged with both genders on this first date, effortlessly. 
Using emotion measurement for creative testing ensures your ad performance.

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