A still frame from Realeyes video

A Mission to Create a Trillion More Smiles Per Year

Those who are already familiar with Realyes will know us for our application of computer vision and emotion AI technology to empower advertisers and media platform companies, to create better experiences for their audiences.
Our mission at Realeyes is to make technology more human, and to bring a trillion more smiles to our planet every single year.
- Mihkel Jäätma, CEO & Co-Founder

This mission statement is what guides us as our journey expands. 2020 has been witness to significant disruption and adaptation to most if not all of us. 

Realeyes’s ability to measure attention levels and decode emotional reactions of opted-in users, from any device with a front-facing camera – all whilst maintaining user privacy and anonymity, presents plenty of opportunity for us.
Our agility as a fast-moving tech company means we can respond to challenges across different markets and explore how to do things differently – removing friction, stress and adding value to trigger more smiles across the world.