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How Attentive Ads are a Great Predictor of Sales Lift

A study by eye square, utilizing Realeyes attention measurement technology, found that attention on vertical video is a great predictor of future purchases on Amazon. 

Eye square studied four brands (JBL, Skullcandy, Nivea, and Weleda) through InContext vertical video ad exposure on mobile on three different video platforms.  

Participants watched a vertical video, then shopped on Amazon and filled out a questionnaire. 

This was combined with a shopping task on simulated Amazon. There were 1,203 respondents powered by Dynata data – 100% smartphone participation, mixed genders, 18-49 years old. 

Key takeaways:  
  • Not all vertical video platforms are equal  
  • Vertical video trigger purchases 
  • Attentive seconds enhance purchase prediction 

Average Attention per Platform Differs 

Not all vertical video platforms are equal. Each platform had different attention rates, attentive viewer shares decay rates, and relative purchase rates.  

Eye square reviewed three platforms for attention rates and relative purchase rates. Platform 1 had an attention rate of 3.3 seconds. When setting the relative purchase rate of platform 1 as a baseline 100%, platform 2 had an attention rate of 5.1 seconds and relative purchase rate of 126%, and platform 2 had an attention rate of 5.3 seconds and relative purchase rate of 113% 

Platform 1 demonstrated a hot start with a fast decay, while platforms 2 and 3 started at the same place but had a much slower decay rate, more adequately holding onto attention.

Source: Slide 15, The ATLAS Project by eye square & dynata  
That's why it's important to build thorough media expertise around vertical video to ensure best ad effectiveness. 

Vertical Video Trigger Purchase 
Apart from platform differences, vertical video triggers purchase after ad contact. The study found that non-advertised products yielded lower rates than those products advertised.  

Eye square also found that CPG brands had higher elasticity than electronics. For example, CPGs ads showed an 18% purchase rate compared to a 3% for no ad, versus 8% compared to 3% for electronics. 

 Source: Slide 14, The ATLAS Project by eye square & dynata 

Attentive Seconds Best Predictor of Purchases 
The study compared attentive seconds to stated purchase intent to determine which was more predictive of actual sales on Amazon. Regression modelling could validate the following findings: 

Effect of attention on prediction of purchase besides stated purchase intent. 

Models show that prediction of purchase is enhanced, when attention differences per platform are taken into account  

Impact is even more enhanced when taking into account attention on branded moments of ads 

Key Learnings 
Test your ad in real-life context before launch: It continues to be best practice to test ads for creative attention metrics in advance of actual campaign flights.  

Attention predicts purchase behavior: This study reinforces multiple studies that have shown attention metrics to be among the most predictive of all advertising signals. For example, Realeyes and Mars, Inc.demonstrated an 18% incremental sales lift in 19 markets and $30 million in ad optimizations in 18 months.  

Use vertical video in your campaigns: This study found vertical video is effective at capturing attention. It should be an ongoing platform for any future campaigns.