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Let the Attention Data Tell the Story

Keith O'Brien

Keith O'Brien

August 3
4 minute read
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Hannah Richardson - Snap Inc

Moving Beyond Viewability to Focus on Consumer Engagement

Snap’s Hannah Richardson has prioritized marketing effectiveness throughout her career in the marketing, PR and advertising industries. She is now group manager,...

Thaer Namruti

Moving Towards an Attention Revolution in Advertising

Thaer Namruti, EVP Global Data and Technology, Publicis Groupe has been involved in advances in attention measurement for many years, having witnessed the birth of...

Irina Dzyubinsky - MediaProbe

From Engagement to Conversion: The Role of Attention in Advertising

Irina Dzyubinsky, CPO at Mediaprobe, discussed the expanding landscape of attention providers, why measuring emotion is so important, what needs to happen to create...

Jon Watts

Pushing Attention Forward During its Formative Years

Jon Watts, Managing Director, ARF’s Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement Longtime consultant Jon Watts has always been on the cutting edge of advertising...

Kenan Buhic

A Master Thesis: Unpacking the Definition of ‘Attention as a Metric’

Kenan Buhić, author and IT project manager at Arkwright Digital GmbH Kenan Buhić, IT project manager at Arkwright Digital GmbH, studied attention metrics at WHU –...

Mike Shaughnessy

Attention is the Remedy for Constant Distraction

Michael Shaughnessy, Chief Operating Officer at Kargo. With an extensive career in ad technology, Michael Shaughnessy has experienced several changes in how...

Person viewing a TikTok ad

Visual Attention Tech Decodes Impact in Mobile Environments

What You Need to Know Realeyes integrates eye square, enabling first solution to measure visual attention and emotional reactions in live mobile environments...

Attentive Reach Diagram with Peacock Feathers in Background

It’s Time to Address Advertising Effectiveness with Attention Metrics

Despite nascent status and developing standards, attention metrics represent a real opportunity to drive advertising effectiveness. Advertisers should act now and...

Mannequin covering face with hands while another is viewing video on their mobile

Using Visual Attention Metrics to Address The Digital Blind Spot in Advertising Effectiveness

We have reached the point where even the most TV-centric brands now invest a majority of their advertising on digital channels like CTV or online video. However, ad...