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Exploring Attention’s Renaissance

Keith O'Brien

Keith O'Brien

November 16
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Alex Cheeseman

Attention as a Catalyst for Change

Alex Cheeseman is Head of Enterprise, UK at Outbrain, a technology platform that drives business results by engaging people across the open web. He spoke to Realeyes...

Rob Hall, CEO Playground XYZ

Helping Advertisers Solve the Attention Puzzle

Playground XYZ CEO Rob Hall spoke to Attention Leaders about how attention success varies by environment, how it needs to be tied to business outcomes, and how...

Simon Thomas

Attention Measurement’s Global Footprint

With nearly 1/3rd of the big six agency billings, GroupM has huge influence on how clients advertise. Simon Thomas, Global Director - Audiences Research and Media...

I-COM Attention Forum Series

Key Insights From the I-COM Attention Forum Series

I-COM established its Attention Forum in 2022 to produce compelling discussions about the latest opportunities and challenges in attention measurement. The forum...

Woman in data farm with tablet

Why Realeyes Holds SOC2 Certification & What It Means for You

In an age where data is the lifeblood of businesses, trust and security are paramount. As a data company, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your...

Ethan Rapp

The Tremendous Opportunity in Attention Measurement

Ethan Rapp just wrapped up a 10-month project at the ARF where he was responsible for cataloguing the full suite of attention providers. He shared what he learned in...

Sam Monsour - Oracle

Let the Attention Data Tell the Story

Sam Mansour is senior manager, product management at Oracle, has witnessed the significant changes in advertising metrics from the publisher, creative, media and...

Hannah Richardson - Snap Inc

Moving Beyond Viewability to Focus on Consumer Engagement

Snap’s Hannah Richardson has prioritized marketing effectiveness throughout her career in the marketing, PR and advertising industries. She is now group manager,...

Thaer Namruti

Moving Towards an Attention Revolution in Advertising

Thaer Namruti, EVP Global Data and Technology, Publicis Groupe has been involved in advances in attention measurement for many years, having witnessed the birth of...